Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cold Weather...Hot Workouts!

Damn was it cold again this morning. Did a great workout anyway within the confines of my garage gym. A mixture of BW, kettlebells and Barbell complex circuits. Haven't worked out in 3 days and when I got up this cold morning post Turkey day, post Black Friday ---> dude, it was on.

Did a dynamic warm up with some jump rope, leg swings and shoulder rotations and a few chin ups as a start. Followed it up with a bw/db circuit that immediately went into a barbell complex (that was one round) - for 3 full rounds that took 30 minutes to complete - with the warm up, about under 40 minutes.

This is type of training I enjoy doing. I may like them but they are so exhausting but definitely fulfilling.

I'm such a sadist.

Anyway - been down this crossroad before. Let's see - what am I going to now to keep this going through the busy holidays? Kind of slipped off the motivation wagon and goal setting aspect but perhaps with good body does need a break. But I'll be the first to admit - there will be times where I've been getting in 3 workouts a week as opposed to doing some off day routines - where it becomes 5-6 days a week - no I didn't need to do much anyway - but I guess that's the nutbag in me that has slowly been slipping away thankfully.

In retrospect, I honestly think it just bottomed down to goal setting once again. I just didn't have enough concrete enough goals and motivation to really want to strive hard for anything really these past few months. So just kind of on a maintenance so to speak. It's been a hectic few months that consistency in anything that I was doing out of what my family and work was never a priority. But I'm quickly getting re-focused as I know I can and have in the past. I know I've been saying that in my past blogposts. But hey, shit happens - to everyone.

I just like the mental high exercise gives me. It is like a drug. Again, what results comes of it is what I put into it. Heart, sweat, dedication - commitment to goals.

Not looking for excuses here --- I'm looking for accountability once again. Yep, it's all about accountability.

It's alot easier to screw up when no one's looking. But it's a hell of alot harder to do the right thing when you can admit to yourself FIRST that you "screwed up" and making it known. Now it's time to get it together again.

So here I am, dusting off a few weeks of inconsistency and back on the wagon again. I may be mixing things up a bit with some different approaches here to keep things interesting towards the end of the year. "Workout Salad" with the intention to get some solid goals defined and get together some exciting programs for the year.

Don't let go of the mindset!


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