Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keep it Simple

That's my thoughts for the day: keep it simple. I was really motivated again after a 2 week off from work. Really helped me realize the importance of keeping things simple. No need to complicate matters by overdoing things...just stick to what works and let that work for you...I mean in all aspects of life and not just in exercise and nutrition.

Didn't get to do the complex yesterday so I did it this morning and it felt great. I don't know why for some reason but I always get some great results on this 4 week TT program that I'm doing currently. It's the 4th time I've done this routine and every single time - it always seems to work to a tee (well at least close enough to know I'm getting good responses from it).

Keep it simple. No need to overthink too much when you want to achieve some goals. Planning is always essential and goal setting does work...but always keep it simple. Don't always try to run yourself down to the ground each day. You're body will thank you so much for it with positive returns...

Keep on pushin.



Roundballnz said...

Ditto - "Keep it simple" - too true!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy!!! Long time, no comment...although I have been visiting regularly... but this post sounds like one I was going to write!
I agree with you 1000%, Andy! I think too often people over complicate "things", especially when it comes to getting fit. Seems like there's always a new "tool" or fad that everyone latches onto as THE way to get in shape/fit.
I know you're a big proponent of "old school" exercises: squats, deads, presses, push-ups, pull-ups...and honestly, that's about as simple and straightforward as you can get. I'm right there with ya, brother! Don't always have to CRUSH it...sometimes it pays to go easy.