Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Turkey Day ya'll...

I just want to say my personal thanks to the fitness gurus and friends I met online and say my personal thanks for making this one heckuva a year for me. You all know who you are and without the constant support and motivation - on your blogs, emails, forums - I honestly dont think I'd be where I'm at my own fitness level.

Now go kill that Turkey! And if you live in the US, Canada - enjoy those football games today with family and friends (that's if you enjoy the sport of football).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

~ andy


Harley said...

Hey Andy,

I just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog. I found about it over at TT. I find it motivational and really enjoy the videos.
Keep up the good work in everything you do.


Andy said...

thanks for dropping by Harley...If I can only post a bit more than I have the last few months - the better I think!

But thanks for the visit...with the holidays - I'll try and post more hopefully!

Thanks again!