Monday, August 10, 2009

54 lbs on the Circuit!

So I worked up to 54 lbs on Workout A this week on the mbodystrength routine. I was a bit nervous to go 54 lbs. but surpisingly was able to go through the whole circuit with it. Did 6 full circuits and about a 1/4 of my 7th circuit until 30 minutes was over. Did a nice BW warm up and a practice circuit set with a 20 lb kb. If I were to add up the reps in this circuit from the second my timer went of to 30 full minutes, it would be 300 reps total, plus the unfinished circuit 20 reps so that's about 320 reps. 320 reps x 54 lbs would total 17,280 lbs tossed around all in one workout. This is an approximate figure as BW squats was also part of this we can probably estimate it to be about 18,000 plus of weight pushed and pulled around!!!

Imagine that!

But I was pretty spent afterwards. 54 lbs is alot of weight and I'm really still benefiting from this mode of training (re: kettlebell training). Sweat was literally saturating my shorts throughout this circuit.

Last week I did a Tabatas workout which was pretty much over the hill. Tabatas is a form of interval training where you do 20 secs of active, intense exercise and taking a 10 sec rest for 8 cycles. You can choose any type of way to do it - be it burpees, jump rope, sprinting, kb swings...but I recall doing 4 or 5 different exercises in one workout routine of Tabatas...that was insane but I've been wisely told that if I can do that much tabatas in one workout - then maybe my intensity just isn't there enough to just do a 4 minute tabatas routine and make it worth every rep and every ounce of sweat within that 4 minutes. He was right so now I'm very observant with the intensities of my workouts again and really making every rep count.

Which leads me to make this statement for people who may have doubts if they will ever see continued improvements be it wt loss, strength gains, muscle endurance - keep the INENSITY OF YOUR WORKOUTS UP but to your tolerance of course and with safety in mind.

Increasing your times, your reps, your loads, your weight....whatever it is you want to improve on - keep track of it.

Keep track of your progress from week to week and keep chopping away at your goals. With this mindset you will improve your numbers everytime. You can't go wrong.

He was right too. That was a great reminder!

Find your motivation...

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