Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nutrition is #1...

Still up...mind is I decided to write up a blog about it.

No matter what you do in the matter how nutbaggy we all can get healthy fat loss there simply isn't in a secret's not in a supplement drink we get at isn't a result of how much burpees you do or how heavy you can lift. Or even how long you stay in a gym and do crazy amounts of unnecessary exercises...

It's all in the diet. Exercise comes second. But they are both essential compliments of each other in the fat loss game.

Which leads me to these questions:

We may be doing everything right in the gym...but are we doing what we should be doing the next 24 hours after?

Are we drinking enough to replenish that water lost? Our body is about 55-60% water. Integrate hydration in your daily to do list. Too little is not good.

Are we eating the right macro's to nourish the body adequately? Or are we even simply eating enough for the body to sustain optimum functioning throughout the day?

Mostly, are we getting rest? Are we allowing our bodies enough rest during the week to allow our bodies ample recovery. You can be a Ferrari...but when you run out of gas - you will run out of gas.

Are we balancing everything in our life and incorporating healthier habits each day? I'm not perfect but the mindset is to always try to everyday.

It's all experience. I'm living proof that it can be done with the right mindset and attitude. I've been on the other side of this equation - and I know for a fact that obesity was probably the hardest thing to go through once in my life. The things I enjoyed as a teenager and young adult all went kapoof as I gained the weight...but by losing it I gained my life BACK.

If you want to lose fat and keep it off - it's clearly going to be your diet that's going to get you there - but exercise certainly helps your chances to get their quicker and feel even fitter.

Yes, you can transform your body simply by proper nutrition - but that's just not me. I love to exercise and it's engrained in me that as long as im healthy..I'm going to keep on doing it. Again, you'll look healthy only if you're eating right. I'm not one to listen to reason sometimes (except when the wife speaks) but follow what your heart says and do it safely.

Fat loss...its not complicated but it is hard and it takes alot of understanding how your body works. I keep learning something new everyday in this journey to no fail.

If you can figure out all this and have an open mind on how hard it is but willing to make those necessary changes in your life...and again by doing it gradually and not abruptyl - man, I guarantee you a positive change not only physically but also internally. But it's all about making that first step to make that change.

Make it happen...take that first step.



Roundballnz said...

Great inspirational post there - Andy - keep it up !

Nutrition is key as we both know

Anonymous said...

Nice, nice, nice! Now if I could just take your advice 100% of the time!

Great post, Andy! I have to echo what Alex said, very inspirational/motivational...thank for sharing your thoughts!


Smoketheblowfish said...

Just for the record, Fred is full of crap. He's doing well (unless he's been lying).

Dead on regarding nutrition. WhyTF do people fail to look at what they put into their collective pie-holes, and search for the perfect program to 'make things happen'? And what makes anyone think they can injest some miracle pill that will trick the body into becoming ripped (all w/in 6-8 weeks, results not typical, consult your physician)?

When I joined my 'new' gym this June, some bozo/info-guy/trainer asked me what supplements I was taking. I told him none, to which he responded, "You know you need supplements if you want to get results". My response was simply, "that's a matter of opinion and who you want to believe". For crying out loud, just look at CB! Look at you!

It is 90% diet and 10% training and 100% attitude...sorry, my math skills blow.