Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tabatas Session: BW Squats

Got up early this morning to finish up some homework for one of my son's kinder projects for school that was due this morning. I've noticed kindergarten education changed since I was a youngster! It's a bit more advanced nowadays than the way I remember it.

But that's a whole different story...anyway - Tabatas session today but I just didn't feel like I wanted to get a sweat session via tabatas this morning. So I packed my scrubs, left for work rather later than usual but managed to get to work on time! Talk about a photo finish.

Anyway, got home...called our local cable company for some new service...Maybe it's just me but don't you just hate it when you have to wait for ages before you can speak to a live person before you can get any progress done? Anyway, 5 minutes waiting already...I decided to go ahead with a quickbw routine and started doing alternating plyometric style step ups for 3 minutes on our staircase for a warm up and immediately jumped into a Tabatas session for some BW squats. I was going really down with my butt close to the floor and was just knocking them out all while holding our home phone in my hand and looking at the seconds going by as I was waiting for a live operator - so I was able to keep track of my 20 second work intervals to a tee as well as my 10 sec rests.

Damn...if done RIGHT - Tabatas can really work you up big time... I literally felt like my legs were all stiffed out after that session was over with. Didn't get an operator until 3-4 minutes after my tabatas session was over with. So talk about managing your time wisely...sometimes you just got to get it done no matter what. Took care of two things for the price of one in less than 20 minutes! I could have easily said screw it and just look towards tomorrow's kb circuit...but I would feel sooooo bad if I just skipped it today. So glad I didn't.

Just do it.


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