Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some KettleBell Action!

As up this morning and went to my work gym for Workout B of my current program. Dumbells used here. For some reason I wanted to use 30 lb dumbells for the entire 30 minute circuit which I did. A big drop off from 54 lbs I used the other day. But it's just the handle "feel" with dumbells when doing essentially a Kettlebell routine that is distinctly different in my view.

Dumbells vs Kettlebells...hmm, if I were to choose between the two pieces of training equipment - both are excellent sources for workout routines. I have no favorite over the other - and again, it bottoms down to workout routines that you're currently on.

For commercial gym stuff where Kettlebells are hardly in sight (well for my gym that is) - I guess dumbells are just as good a substitute. But for a true kettlebell workout - you're obviously better off using a kettlebell.

It's just the handles on the kettlebells that make true kettlebell routines what they are: kick ass.

An interesting Kettlebell move is the Windmill. Been doing this for 3 weeks now and if you're a kettlebell fan - this is a killer move!!! (edit: it's at the 20 second mark of the video below. A.)

If you're worried about investing in too light weight of a kettlebell for fear of outgrowing them for starters ----> here's a great link you can check out and give it a look at your local sports store. It's a Weider product and alot of Weider products are pretty good (my powerstation and squat rack I use at home are both by Weider)...I dont have a need for this but for those reading - check it out!

It's called the Weider Powerbell...pretty nifty name and a great piece of equipment if you really want to invest in one.

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