Monday, December 14, 2009

BW circuits...OMG!

So it's been 4 days without workouts. Felt a little guilt there for a bit as we had a few Christmas Parties to go to. So I let a few days slide to give the body sometime to chill and rest.

So I like I said, I started a brand new BW routine last week. The routine I did today was supposed to be an end of the week routine last week but deciced on doing it on a Monday to make up for lost time I haven't exercised. So I managed to finish the 4 rounds of a BW circuit in under 42 minutes. The 4th circuit round was optional (you only really had to do 3) but I said screw it - I'm going to do this. Very tough...

Lots of leg work here...which is good. But being very careful not to screw up my knees.

Knees feeling better as I've been doing foam rolling almost everyday and less pounding on it over the past few days helped alot. The better for me.

Stay strong...


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