Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Own Fat Loss Tips based on Experience...

Dark, cloudy day today. Definitely the Fall is among us! Got up early today and really did a good workout (well from my standards at least), so tomorrow is definitely an off day - so no weight training. May hit the gym or hit the streets of downtown San Diego for a nice little morning run in the brisk, cool weather before work which I haven't been doing much of, and then maybe some core strengthening work at the work gym and some nice foam rolling at home tomorrow night.

Somethings always better than nothing. I think!

December...lots of parties, lots of treats, lots of temptations. Phew! But I think we can all resist the temptations that awaits as long as we can keep things in perspective.

How much can I eat and when? I guess the "justifying" norm is that as long as we exercise - nothing can stop us in our way of achieving our fitness goals. WRONG! And it's only a matter of time that if we continue thinking like this - there goes 1, 3, 4 or maybe even 6 months of hard work for mindless eating.

And then here come the New Years Resolutioners in January...

I think that's where alot of us folks falter - at the table. And that's just it. In fat loss - that's 90% of the solution. Eat right - things look and feel right. That's just the way our body works. It's very scientific - but if you understand what the body does in response to intake (food) and stressors we put on it (exercise, work) - then it will respond in mind boggling ways you won't believe until it happens.

A coworker asked me, "What is your secret, Andy? For 3 years, you've continued on the path of fat loss and while many others have lost weight either through surgery, fad diets - only to get it back in a few months - and you still look great. I know you have a secret! Tell me what it is!". The answer is simple yet to take action is probably the hardest thing to do.

Making an honest effort to make it a lifestyle change as best you can is what matters most!

For 3 years, I have never tipped over 220 lbs. For 2 years I've never tipped over 180 lbs...I've been pretty much on cruise control for quite sometime and the challenge I've faced has always been: "How can I keep myself motivated?".

I find it through others and then find it in myself to take action.

Nothing's perfect...yes, there will be days, weeks, months of bad eating (hey, I'm one of them. PUT ME IN THAT MIX!! Hell yeah. I am no trainer, or expert here. I just had a Corona last night) - but I learned over time - it all starts with mindset and genuine motivation to succeed.

Another co-worker who asked me about a workout program I was using. He was very much interested in looking into it but his first response to me was: "Andy I know you're body is a temple but getting the program isn't the problem but I don't think I can even finish 4 weeks after seeing what you've been doing. I mean, I like the results you're getting but I don't know if I can do it. It looks hard."

It is hard.

To do nothing is do something takes effort.

Mindset --- that's where it should start first. Get the mindset, everything works pretty much in unison from balancing family, work and workouts. One of my mottos in life is to never impose anything on anyone. If they're not interested, "screw it." It may sound selfish here - but there's only one reason why I'm doing all of this - for my own good health. So I gave him a bit of advice and I told him to work on some goals and work on a plan of action. So we shall see!

Nothing's impossible to achieve unless you put your mind into it. Slip, fall...but always get back up.



A Fitness Minute with Pat Anderson said...

You are right. Mindset is everything and it is what makes things easy. Wanting to be healthy and taking care of your body is a great mindset that will lead you into a long healthy life.
Nice post.

Andy said...

Thank you so much Pat!!!!!!