Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is this Insanity Workout?

Tabata Intervals today with some KB swings using a 70 lb KB. Intense.

Anyway, last night I was watching the Chargers/Cowboys game on DVR (10-3 baby!)...as I finished re-watching the game, I started flipping through some channels and came across this Beachbody Infomercial that advertises Tony Horton's "P90X" and Shaun T's 60 day "Insanity Workout".

It's ironic as I am doing a Bodyweight routine this month as it is...so I wanted to see comparisons.

It looks awfully tough...

I'm not a big fan of P90X but I was pretty intrigued with this Insanity Workout Program involving only bodyweight only routines.

I'm currently doing a pretty good BW Program currently by Craig Ballantyne but this program really intrigued me so I thought of sharing this video with all and wanting to know what some people's ideas are about it. Feel free to chime in by posting some comments below.

Looking at some of these *results* on this video I'm linking to this post of mine (Some say it may be the program that works. I say it's the one using the program and believing in the system. I use an asterisk because I'm sure any program can offer varied results based on the users who use a program)- I was very impressed with it.

Here's the video:

What are your thoughts? Looks pretty gimmicky with the nice looking covers and all that but I do believe it has some credibility in this program. I've used all sorts of programs and this one looks pretty intriguingly fun in alot of ways...


The Bear said...

Hi there!
I'm currently on Week 3 of Insanity and I'm loving it. I thought I was in pretty decent shape working out 3-4 times a week, eating in the Zone, and doing lots of Krav Maga, but this Insanity workout has pushed beyond what I thought I was capable of.

I like it for a few reasons: I don't have to listen to Tony Horton be an idiot; it's actually working for me; my core is insanely strong; and I can do it after I wake up, leaving no room for excuses. I encourage you to try it just for the challenge of it, and don't be too discouraged if it kicks your ass. I'm on week three and though I'm clearly stronger, I still struggle as if it were week one.

Julie Butts said...

Hello Andy! Good to see you have your fitness on. I've completed several Beachbody programs, including P90X and am currently running through ChaLEAN Extreme. I haven't personally used Insanity yet, but I've talked with several people who have and they love the results they're getting. Mental preparation is the key. Be ready to work your *#@ss off hard! You should try a Beachbody workout. You might decide to make some extra income doing what you already love doing - working out and sharing your experiences with others. Check out fitness coaching opportunities at http://BeachBodyCoach.com/juliebutts My progress and reviews are posted at http://JustGetMeFit.com Stay inspired & rock on! Julie

Smoketheblowfish said...

Geez Andy, I could write an entire post on this one! Insanity? Insanity is believing that this workout can be properly done solo. For a beginner, there is no way to achieve maximum results without doing this in a group setting. Insanity is believing that a maximum effort can be sustained for extended periods of time followed by minimal rest...(Tabatas prove this theory).

I believe that you or I could take a sedentary individual (male or female, overweight by 10+ pounds) and achieve similar results over the course of 60 days by doing just three things....

3 days/week of Interval Training (I prefer Jon LeTocq's Lightning Intervals, but Craig's will do just fine).


3 days/week of 20 minute bodyweight circuits.


Major dietary modifications...Low-no carbs (unless the source is fruit and veggies), increase natural fat intake and protein intake.

Insanity is relative, just as intensity. Stupidity is wasting money on the newest infomercial.

Hit me up with an email so I can send you some of Jon LeTocq's stuff, or check out the link to some of his workouts on my other blog. I'll be posting my latest few workouts today.



Andy said...

To The Bear - good stuff! I agree -Tony Horton is an idiot. I personally would love to do his programs if he doesn't come across as a freakin idiot in his videos (my buddy has the whole set). I know he knows his stuff - but he doesn't have to be arrogant about it. I don't know if alot has to do with Hollywood and all that...not really concerned. But I'll take your word - it does look like a good program (Insanity). Thanks for the input.

Hi Julie...checked out your profile over there! Great stuff! You look awesome! I've tried a little bit of p90x - but really didn't like it. Maybe because it was just that HARD of a program - and I commend anybody that's been able to do it for a full 90 days because it isn't easy. Mental preparation is definitely key.. mindset is everything. Will definitely keep an eye on your progress and see how things go for you. Thanks for visiting! ~ Andy

MikeZ...thanks man. Hey, I never knew you had another blog!! Looks like the more serious side of you over there. Very cool. I think you, alex, fred can create some kind of connection here with our blogs. I know you guys have in the past.

One thing I hate most about the fitness industry is there way of trying to dish out a product but not really educating the user as to the why's. You look at fitness guys like Craig, Cosgrove, Dos Remedios, Mbodystrength and Ross Enamait - and these guys SHARE that knowledge with their users through their blogs, videos and email alerts.

I'm not referring to the Beachbody programs here but with some stuff out there - you don't get snake bitten when you do your research before trying something out. I think informed decisions always help realize a product is just not for you before you even think about draining some big $$$ for their programs.

These days because it's all about the $$$ for many of them except for a very known few that I know of to this date.

Need to check out more of LaTocq Again, I'm not too sure about his program creation as I haven't really followed him much, but it's worth a peak seeing the results youre getting Mike!

I think we can create our own routines and still make some kind of profit - even how dumb and stupid they're made. But we aren't paid to do that so I follow the experts here.

And you're probably right on that regard. I agree - it's all the individual. Any program that is laid out - SHOULD work if done right. It's all a matter of believing in the system. No program is better than the other. It's just all individual...and it's all a matter of what works and what doesn't.

Believe in the system.

Thanks for all the input guys!!! Sure has given me the enlightenment that I need here.

But if I were to choose a BodyWeight program - I think Ross Enamait probably has one of the best in town. He doesn't lay out the program...he lays out the principles. And that's what the consumers need to know - make informed decisions and choose what they believe would work for them or not.