Saturday, February 6, 2010

Drew Brees and the TRX

As a Chargers Fan...I've been a huge supporter of Drew Brees when he was drafted by our GM back then in the 2nd round in the 01 Draft (well, we all know who the Chargers drafted in the 1st round right? The "#21"! ).

I can only hope for him hoisting that Lombardi Trophy over his head tomorrow night because he's nothing but a class act not only while he was in San Diego...but also for the city of New Orleans.

Anyway, I found a great youtube video of Drew Brees and him using the TRX system that I wanted to share here. He's apparently a believer in Suspension Training (something I'm barely scratching the surface on with my own training repertoire) so this I had to post it up here in my blog. Todd Durkin is well known strength and conditioning coach and I believe he also trains LT during the off season.

Anyway, check him out in action! Kill them Colts tomorrow!

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