Monday, February 15, 2010

Wussup!? =)

Getting warmer around these parts. Loving it. 2 more weeks of this current muscle building program - and it's off to athletic conditioning/endurance workouts for the next several months. For some reason it's much easier for me to lose fat than it is to gain muscle. One thing I can definitely's so easy to eat on a mass building phase. ;)

I'm learning alot from this strength/mass building phase here. I've been working on this since December. I really want to get some lean mass on this 5'7" frame and do it the right way as best as I can but I can't say for sure if I have because I haven't taken the time to get measurements. My bad.

Again, I won't make it sound so scientific here - but if you want to get big... you better be eating big and do your best to lift heavy, get your rest and recover on off days.

But you will never ever out train a bad diet and I've been one to have my hand caught in that cookie jar on several occasions.

If you're more on the "want to lose body fat" stage...the same rule applies here - eat right to compliment your training and vice versa. Burn more calories than you eat and do workouts that are more geared towards full body circuits, supersetting and conditioning. It's a simple equation but takes alot of discpline to do either one. Alot of it.

But I'm always enjoying these fitness journeys...always aiming to learn new things and improve your health through right nutrition and exercise.

People say see sawing weight fluctuations...for some that can be mentally trying for alot of us. It's been mentally trying for me for many years. People see weight gain, some flab growing around the waist and they freak out like it's a hopeless case that they'll ever lose weight. Its almost like a negative than a positive. But I've been on both sides of the spectrum so when I see 182 lbs...I'm happy as hell! But not so hot about the extra fat that comes with it. Take out the carbs, the water...I'm probably hovering around the high 170's.

Choose the right program. Choose the the right nutrition. And stick to it.

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