Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Complex Training

One reasons why I made a blog was to be able to find different fitness programs and learn from a wide variety of resources, never limiting my knowledge base to only a few philosophies. Variety of programs is always helpful in one's toolbox and one of the people in the fitness world that really inspires and motivates me would have to be "Steve" Javorek.

I'm in awe everytime I read about Steve Javorek's history and his barbell complex routines for athletes. He is the founder of complexes and almost every fitness guru seems to have some kind of Javorek inspired complex in their program design on the internet. People use the term MRT nowadays, some crossfitters as well...but this is THE flat out the old school effective training tool that's been existent even before I was even born...shoot even way before the world wide web caught up with this type of training - this guy's been using this for over 40 years!

So I went looking online for his book "Javorek's Complex Conditioning" after watching a video testimonial by female boxing champ - Sumya Anani who's been applying Javorek's conditioning principles for over 10 years. Here's her youtube testimonial:

Couldn't find his book (they are out of stock on I googled up a website of his and in here he shares some of his greatest complexes ever created; here are some of them in action on youtube. Btw, I highly doubt those plates are even close to 45 lb on each side - but with this type approach - you don't need heavy weight. He still has great form none the less. So for the ego lifters - throw out the ego when trying to attempt these:

Complexes..a perfect cardio workout to utilize as a method to burn more fat without ever having to hit a treadmill or bike while still creating a positive stimulus to burn belly fat. You can do them for strength training as a full on workout on it's own. It's your choice. The variations are endless...Results: unbelievable.

So as an off day routine and to play around a little...I decided to do his BB complex 2 with just the bar. Upper back still sore from yesterday's workout and battling a little cold here - I did a light routine of Javorek's Barbell Complex # 2, performing 3 reps per exercise for 6 cycles. Believe me this can really stimulate a very good cardio vascular response. I just wanted to try it for kicks within the confines of home and I already was huffing by the 4th cycle (don't know if the cold has anything to do with it). Anyway it felt great. Here's how it went down:

Bar Upright Row
Bar High Pull Snatch
Bar Behind the Head Squat Push Press
Bar Behind the Head Good Morning
Bar Bent Over Row

He also has dumbell complexes that can be utilized too. Again, the variations are endless...

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