Thursday, May 8, 2008

Been hitting the Gym Again! But some bad news...

Yup...hitting my local gym once again and still continuing the same routines I've always been doing but with (some bad news to share shortly here)...thinking out of the box a little here with my workouts but very pleased with the results and where I'm going with my workouts. There's definitely a goal here for me and definitely a positive direction with everything I've been doing so far to this point. So far so good in the abs department which I'm very happy about. In fitness it is always good to mix things up and that's something I'm progressively learning every single day.

But with everything you want to attain in life - it always should start with a goal...don't limit yourself to what you already know but continue to educate yourself and run with it - know no boundaries and anything is possible!

The only downside these past few days is a little annoying sprain in the right knee I got about 3 days ago but otherwise nursing it pretty well. I think I may have got it trying to lift our little one from the crib as I was trying to bottlefeed him the other day and got up kind of awkwardly as my right leg was planted but my knee had twisted as I pivoted to pick him up (sigh.). It's funny because that's the strangest thing as it had nothing to do with any type of work out! Anyway, got a neoprene brace on it for support, taking a few anti inflammatories, will be light on the knees or maybe avoid any leg workouts for now. No gross swelling fortunately, and still able to walk on it, do some BW squats and stuff but I don't want to over do anything to make it worse at this point...may just drop any lower body workouts for now. Most likely a mild mensicus tear but positive it shouldn't be a problem long term. Checked with my Doctor friend and he checked it out. Says I should be ok in a week or so (but will seek to see my primary doctor if symptoms get worse). Should be ok in a week or so...bummer but may need to change up some workouts for the time being. Limited a little here but that's ok.


Darryl said...

Sorry to here that Andy. It always seems to be some small movement outside of the workouts that cause injuries. We spend so much time in our workouts with lifting and moving correctly, than an awkward lift outside of the gym and a small injury.

Keep at your workouts but I'd drop the lower body parts until you're healed. said...

Darn! Hope you feel better SOON!!!

Juan said...

Hey bro I'm glad to hear that you are hitting the gym again definitely a nice change of things I'm sure.

But I'm sorry to hear about the sprain in your knee man, thats crazy how it happened. Like Darryl said it does always seem that we get hurt outside of the gym.

I hope you get better soon man and hopefully it doesn't get to much in the way. Keep rocking man.

Andy said...

Wow...great advice from everyone. Darryl, Kali and guys are awesome. :)

Well, today felt really good. Still some very slight pain felt when testing it out today especially when I tried to do some lateral movements with the leg. It actually feels much better with the help of Motrin and the brace. Very happy with the progress. Taking it conservatively and it's helping.

So with the pain from a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst pain ever)...I'd give it a 4. So I'm definitely feeling alot better.

Thanks all! Did a workout this morning with some DB swings, pull ups, plyo push ups and Hanging Knee raises. So not much stress there today fortunately.

Promise to get better soon!


Emily said...

andy thanks so much for your continued encouragement. your posts ALWAYS make me smile. sorry to hear about that sprain. take care of it and get yourself all patched up soon!

Andy said...

Hi Emily! Thank you so much for dropping by...yes, definitely taking care of it here and I will get better. There's no other option for me! :)