Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Home Gym

Ok this is for all the busy men and women like myself where time is of the essence and just can't seem to get to the gym because of other time constraints such as family, work and other commitments. Guys and gals - I am your number one supporter and would like to share my own humble home gym equipment I use when trips to the gym are totally out of the equation for me!

Anyway, took some time to take a few photos of what my typical home gym looks like. It isn't state of the art equipment here by any means but does get the job done when used right...and with Turbulence Training - you don't necessarily need much but a good kick in the butt everytime. :)

I still head off to the gym for a change of scenery but still - there's nothing like a home gym to use as an option. Can't go wrong with TT.

If you look at the pictures above here are basically the things I use when I workout within the confines of home. Now I’m not counting out the gym because I still go there but here’s a checklist of what limited toys I have. I also recycle water bottles and my kids nursery water bottles (another great tip for you) and use that money towards reasonable workout equipment. Again this isn’t something I invested in a matter of months...this took years and a few dusting off because I didn’t get back into it until 2 years ago...

Here it is:

- A Treadmill (my wife uses the eliptical...I hate it). Please note we actually have 2 fairly new treads at home when my older one of 7 years broke from Pro Form. The 1st one was actually a bit defective because the running platform wasn’t balanced so I put that one upstairs on carpet and the other which Pro Form gave to me at no cost to us in the garage with a cement surface. Lucky me I guess.
- A barbell bench (very generic...Walmart rules haha ) I miss going heavy on the leg squats at the gym
- A DB Bench
- A stability ball (a TT requirement)
- An ab roller
- Resistance Bands (hanging on my bench to the left)
- A pull up bar with an attachment for different angles/grips
- A timer for those circuits (Definitely a requirement of mines..haha )
- Ez Bar Curl
- A Back Pack
- Medicine Balls (12lb Leather Ball, 8 lb rubber ball with handles and 5 lb Bally's ball for rotational strength)
- DB's. I think I have like 3 pairs of those all over the place. Notice that rusty looking one? Yup I get down and dirty...
- Plates, plates, and MORE plates (I'm certain I'll need a plate holder someday)
- A 10 lb kettlebell (those things are damn expensive)
- 2 stools for a mod squat rack and for dips, a chair for step ups, a broom stick
- 50 lb sandbag (a seabag used) and a 100 lb sack of white rice (not endorsed in TT but definitely something I use for variety). I use these as punching bags.
- Yoga pad (no I don't do yoga..but willing to try it)
- Weighted Jump Rope (1 lb handles)
- Small step ups my kids use that I use for different variations of push ups.
- Boxing gloves I got at a thrift store for 3 bucks
- A Gold Gym Balancing Bosu I got on clearance for $5.00 at Walmart (yup, I’m a Walmart guy)
- 1 lb ankle weights for my runs
- a 7 foot rope that I used for practicing the one legged pistol squat - Not shown here.
- A trek bike in the garage
- A workout journal ($3.00 at Borders. Clearance sale last year when I was still in the 12 week TT contest)
...and last but not least: a kick butt Turbulence Training Manual for workouts.

And that's it.

Now who needs a gym membership? Well I do and I still have one but there’s nothing like having stuff at home for your arsenal to fight the bulge, right?

Rock it!



Anonymous said...

"A Gold Gym Balancing Bosu I got on clearance for $5.00 at Walmart"

I need to start checking the clearance at Walmart. I am in there just about every other day :P

Michael said...

Your home gym is rocking!

Andy said...

Hi Gina...hahaha! Yes, you'll be amazed what you'll find at clearance sales. My wife is so into that as well. Got that from her. Hahaha!

Andy said...

Thanks Michael!

Juan said...

Hey bro u definitely got a rocking home gym, like you said it doesnt need to be much just enough to get you through the TT workouts.

scorpiogrrl said...

cool pics there Andy looks like a great setup, you have collected together a fair bit of gear.

Darryl said...

Great home gym Andy. It amazes me how many TT'ers can get the motivation to workout at home. I have loads of equipment at home, 600lbs in various plates, squat rack, bench press, exercise bands, exercise balls, dumbbell bars, ez-curl bar, curl bar... on and on. What do I do, I walk by it all on my way to do laundry. Why? I can't get the motivation at home, I have to hit the gym. My battle is not at the gym, it's getting to the gym. Thank God I can drive straight from work to the gym without going near my house.

Andy said...

Thanks Donna...

Darryl...one word: MOTIVATION! :)

Darryl said...

Andy, where'd the long post go. It was great. You didn't delete it did you? Good thing it's in my email.

Back in August when I got pictures back from a cottage weekend I was the guy in the mirror feeling sick. The mirror is getting more friendly everyday and the motivation is continuing, especially when the fairer sex takes notice

Andy said...

Hi Juan...you're definitely right!

Andy said...

Sup Daryll!

Hahha!!! I deleted it coz I thought it was too lengthy so I shortened it out with just one word! I babble too much. Haha!

Andy said...

So I see you're getting the lookers now...

Awesome man!

Great to know the motivation is stronger than ever for you.