Friday, May 23, 2008

Power of the KettleBell

Other than increasing intensity every time, I also am a firm believer now more than ever, that variety in workouts can definitely keep things refreshed as well as smash plateaus too. The body’s ability to adapt is so smart it will ultimately slow positive progress if done a bit too long – so changing up programs is definitely the only smart thing to do. Routinely changing programs every 4-6 weeks is definitely a rule of thumb in the fitness world…even the greatest trainers preach it and live by that rule, so I’ve learned over time to take heed to that advice, listen to it and follow it. As long as the program is legit, tried and tested…I’m all for it.

Blog journaling is fun…now back to what I was saying earlier.... ;)

Anyway, I am almost done with my current 50 day program (whoohoo!). I know I could have picked up a lot of other great TT programs available but what I’ve been doing has been an awesome compliment to Turbulence Training as a matter of fact. This is an excellent conditioning/strength training resource which I have learned a lot from in addition to what I’ve learned over the awesome months of using Craig Ballantyne’s effective and time efficient Fat Loss Programs in Turbulence Training which you can find at Will be rehopping aboard on another great TT program of CB’s (short for Craig Ballantyne) shortly as I think it’s time for me to get back on packing some lean muscle here.

As a low tech, high effect essentially-at-home-workout kind of guy (I don’t like investing on equipment at home that I don’t intend to use much)…I plan to stick to that approach…it’s what makes me happy…it’s what works for me and it’s something that I can do primarily within the confines of my garage, my home gym (with the commercial gym still an option) or at a park as I do have a small family that takes most of our attention as parents anyway. As I am almost 3 weeks away from completing my current program, I’ve been looking at different approaches to fat loss and did find a workout at the TT website that really suits my taste…and since Craig does endorse it, I plan (still debating here) to give it a shot in the arm with a taste of TT and a more of what I'm doing in my current program, too – and tweak it to my own goals and fitness regimen. It’s a great program by Troy Anderson (courtesy of Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training website) called Integrated Evolution and his Kettlebell program (“Kettlebell Fatloss Unleashed” promoted at the TT website) which you can get the complete workout as a Platinum Member at

The power of the Kettlebell…checking out Laura’s Home Gym really had me really salivating to get me some heavy bad boys of my own. And as expensive as they are (again, I am a low tech/high effect fitness kind of guy. Hey now…give me some slack: Cost of living is tough these days!!!!!) – I’ve been doing similar movements with the use of some old school dumbbells but am contemplating and debating in purchasing one soon (of more reasonable weight than a 10 lb’er I currently own). My commercial gym doesn’t carry any either so I guess I should invest in one. And just like Troy Anderson’s principles - Enamait and Ballantyne (my favorite internet fitness guys to date) do in fact incorporate KB/DB swings in their routines/repertoires so this has really got me interested in investing one here…so something I’m definitely giving more thought of as I complete my current program here soon.

Again, I can still incorporate KB workouts with DB’s so I’m good either way I go. But just to have one of my own would be simply awesome to add to my home gym collection.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

I just got a new set of kettlebells delivered! And will be helping make a new kettlebell program available in late June.

Andy said...

Hi Craig! Thanks for dropping by! Man, that's just great news to hear!!! An actual TT Kettlebell workout!!! Yes! Can't wait! Time start working on my KB collection here. Do you know of any good placed to purchase a set? I went to Sports Authority and the highest they go is with 30 lb KB's (sold out. I may check with another store around the area). Next to that is 25, 15, 10's and then 5' that's a bummer. I think a 25 lb KB is pretty doable for now though.

With a new TT KB workout in the works...that's just perfect timing.

Craig, sincerely appreciate the visit! Hope you come by often! :)


Andy said...

Whew...just got back from being out all day. Was out all day with the family and while we were out, went to the other Sports Authority store here in SD and unfortunately they are sold out on 30's as well. If I can get something of at least 30-35 lbs or more...I should be good to go. Will be looking online for some bargains here shortly...there's gotta be some out there.