Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some Nice Lookin Turbulence Training Workouts for June!

Wow...sure was great to have Craig Ballantyne drop by my blog earlier today. I was on the lines of looking for a different approach to strength training (which folks doesn't always equate to bigger muscles) as well as a kick butt approach to fat loss and came across one of his bonus programs by Troy Anderson at the Turbulence Training website. As ironic as it seems, I was actually planning to do Troy Anderson's Kettlebell Workout for June unknowing what Craig had in store. I had no clue this was already in the works for Craig's line of summer workouts for the year! I was stoked about the news and even more stoked about reading up on Craig's blog just a few minutes ago. Awesome! I think another workout wish of mine has been answered and can't wait to get on this program soon TT style..

I did check out and they probably have the best set of kettlebell's out there. My only problem isn't the price for 'em -- it's the cost to have it shipped! Looked around various sites and also looked up craigslist and I have found a few local vendors in San Diego who may be able to sell them a lot cheaper without the cost of shipping. There was a vendor who was closing his fitness store and was selling a 35 lb KB for $49.99 - so I may give this one a look (sent him an email...hope he replies!)...

Since there is enough time to play with's safe to say I will get that Kettlebell soon enough. For the time being, will be settling for the old school dumbells for now. In due time!!!!

Also, alot of us TT members are expecting a pretty good TT BW workout here in June as well - courtesy of Turbulence Training. It does look like a Density-type or Work Capacity type approach to training here. Should be a great time to be doing TT in the summertime for sure!

Happy Memorial Day! (Time for me to get some sleep.)

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