Friday, September 5, 2008

2 Years Today...

2 years was hard to imagine I looked like that other guy in the pool on the welcome section of this blog. 225 word: BIG. Big in a bad way that is. I hated the mirror..I almost hated myself and figured that losing weight was a lost cause. You ever looked in the mirror or looked at old pictures in a family photo album and liked what you saw? It's hard for me to imagine that everytime I look at the person I once was through pictures. It's almost unreal looking back.

But I said no more and really wanted to just bust it and make a change for the better. Alot of tears...alot of desire...alot of failures too.

2 years I've been constantly busting my butt, failing and succeeding...failing and succeeding - trying to understand what it takes to keep pushing it 2 years later. If it was easy - I think we'd all want to be doing the same thing everybody else is doing right? Well 2 years later...I'm still trying to find the motivation and still wanting to keep re-inventing ways to keep this going for me personally.

And this journey will carry on....

I owe alot to my friend who has been out of commission the recent months due to a pectoralis injury but had it not been for him and "the vision" and the belief he had in me to really want to make that lifestyle change was the deciding factor - heck, I don't know where I'd be today had it not been for him and of course the support I have from my wife and family.

The secret? Find the motivation in yourself everyday. Every single day, look at the guy in the mirror straight in the eye and tell him you want to change and you will. Accept who you are but believe you can make a positive change for the better. Slowly but surely the results will come.

Find the motivation...and always stay humble.


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