Friday, September 26, 2008

A late evening catch up

Been a very busy few days...about 80% done with the move and things are gradually getting situated which is pretty cool. Definitely feels like home once again.

As I'm watching the 2 hour Season premier of Heroes on tape tonight (well actually on DVR. "My time" tonight!). Damn, Milo Ventimiglia looks pretty lean on this show. Every season it seems like this guy looks like he's pretty set with his nutrition (probably has his own fully equipped gym, a nutritionist...a personal trainer). But the good thing is - you don't need all that for us regular guys and gals - just a solid, structured workout program with good sound nutrition - we can all be like him one day!

On the workout front...Looking back at almost a month of a very pretty intense routine (all while in the process of a move)I feel great and just really happy that there are programs like Turbulence Training that flat out work. Do them at home, at a commercial gym or at work - you can take any workout anywhere. There's just endless options.

Home gym room is almost set...used it a few times already but I do need a squat rack - but it just doesn't sound reasonable to have one in such small working quarters. So almost every squat/deadlift/rdl routine is used the old school way at home - with much lighter weight used. But on squats it's always a matter of cleaning the bar, quickly pressing it overhead and then putting the load over my shoulders or use some bar stools to keep it at a certain level. I know it isn't that safe to do it in such fashion..but hey, if I only had the financial means! But again, that's why we have commercial gyms and work gyms to do all the heavier work loads.

I know I'm rambling here but next Monday is a new TT routine for the next 4 weeks. Have one in mind but it's still up in the air at this point. Got 2 days to deliberate on it more so we'll see!

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