Saturday, September 20, 2008

Feeling Great!

3 weeks in a new Turbulence Training Program...and I feel like I'm really reaping the benefits here. I feel stronger and I think the mirror image looks pretty good so far (well, hoping that is). Nutrition has been more of a fueling approach than it is a "deficit" approach to fat loss but not overkill here at all. I think it's working and I like the results thus far.

The benefits of a commercial gym...maybe I've underestimated it some in the past but it's great to get up early with gym bag in hand, driving our Honda Odyssey to my work gym or commercial gym and creating my own little havoc there while the whole world is fast asleep. Mornings are much cooler and days are are darker much earlier. Perfect scenario for me. For some reason this is the part of the year where it all clicks for me.. People start their days with a cup of coffee and paper in hand...I like starting the day with a kick ass workout. Ain't nothing like it. :)

I've been working out for the most part all week at my work gym which is something of a change. The only commercial gym I used this week was todays workout surprisingly. Love the options..

And the good ol comments keep coming from work...I'm still surprised people are taking notice. It's been over 2 years now and yet they are still coming out with comments of how "different" I look ~ in a good way that is. Never am one to take comments to lift the "spirit of the ego"...but it tells me I'm headed in the right direction. One's physical appearance never tells the whole story of someone but it does strike an encouraging type of good confidence for some reason.

Wow...20 days in of a few goals I've set for the short term (84 day time frame) dating back September 1st...hope to pull it off here and achieve most of them with all the other things going on right now which is another challenge in itself.

Without challenges in life...can you imagine how boring would life be?


LISA said...

Wow. Just checked out your pic from 2007. You have made incredible progress. Well done!

LISA said...

Wow. What amazing progress. Just saw your 2007 pic. Well done!