Monday, September 22, 2008

Volleyball and Chargers and MNF...where's the connection?

Living in San Diego sure has it's benefits - weather, laid back folks...and it's this time of the year where the whole city is so into the only NFL team in the south: yep - the San Diego Superchargers. Great win...a win that should have been our 2nd win of the season had in not been for some inadvertant calls (from a Referee who actually lives in La Jolla) that were made last Sunday at Denver.

After another great TT workout this morning...working on some wall fixtures and curtain holders...we took a dip in the pool with the wife and 2 kids and then spent the afternoon watching the Chargers carve up a pretty impressive 1st half against Brett Favre's Greeny Jets (no Coronas this time folks) --- I put on my my shorts, a shirt and my Mizuno's and headed to the Open Gym for some volleyball at 7:15.

Much to my surprise...there wasn't many people who showed up today. It was me and another regular volleyball goer who was already stretching out. We were surprised the old crowd wasn't around we figured it was the Monday night game on tv. We kind of chuckled and joked about how passionate we are for the sport of volleyball that even during a MNF game...we still managed to make it to the volleyball court. So we started doing some hitting drills for a good 30 minutes (that can wear you down big time...especially when you have to chase down your own ball you just hit!!!!) until we just started talking about family and health at mid court. It's funny because we started talking about nutrition and how important it is to maintain that healthy lifestyle as best we could (the guy sports a six pack! Whew!).

As we talked about health...I realized how similar we were in alot of ways. He understands that at our 30's...things tend to get a little bit harder to maintain a level of fitness with a young family, career and of course: health. He plays 3 different sports: soccer, volleyball and tennis and he switches them around throughout the year but plays volleyball year round. Interesting guy. As our conversation started dwindling down - in came 2 other guys so we started playing 3 sets of 2 on 2 volleyball which lasted a good 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was a pretty intense match. Haven't played volleyball in over 3 weeks...but hey, hey, hey! Still got it! It sure was alot of fun at the courts tonight.

Topped off the day with dinner and playing with my little boy in the living room (the twins were knocked out from all the swimming) as he finally was able to walk around on his own 2 feet only 3 weeks ago. It sure was great to see...

Dreams start with tiny baby steps...they may be small steps but forward progress indeed.

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