Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Regarding my Early Morning Routines

My early morning workouts…some people have asked me why so early. Well, I love them for various reasons. But for those who don’t know, it’s something I’ve been almost “trained” to do over the past 2 years it’s almost habit. I average out 5 hours of sleep a day. Not good, I know but I don’t like sleeping in at all. I won't say I don't do afternoon workouts because I do do afternoon workouts as well when crunched for time and believe me it has happened. I work morning shifts that start at 7 am and I hate packed gyms because hardly any equipment is available and you have to wait your turn or have the balls to jump in with someone (I don’t like that because I’m sure it irritates the hell out of some people). PM workouts for me just don’t work for me so I don’t go to a gym in the afternoons if at all avoidable. Also, I don’t like pm workouts because it just doesn’t bode well with my schedule and other things important like family time, work and errands just that have to be done exclusively during the day. If I get my exercise out of the way bright and early – I can take care of the next 23 hours of my time doing other things. Time is just too precious.

A nursing supervisor once told me "the essential P’s" to live by: PRIOR PLANNING PREVENTS PISS POOR PEFORMANCE. I cracked up hearing that from him but hey, he’s right. Words to live by really.

My own personal tips I use:
1) Get the mindset to get up early the night before. It works. Establishing the mindset and you will be motivated to get up early. Maybe it’s individual but it has always worked for me.
2) Visualize the workout program in your head; print it out or write it down and take it with you that way you don’t have to spend the whole morning getting ready and at the same time thinking what you’re going to do that morning. That takes a lot of time whereas you can simply get up and head out.
3) If you like to workout at a gym: get your gym bag ready for the day prior. It takes so much of your time just getting ready in the morning so I do that ahead of time. Another thing I like to do is stack some extra shirts and some bottled mineral water in the trunk.
4) On off programs from TT and Rosstraining, I had a workout buddy of mine who I used to carpool with and go to the gym with. Whoever woke up first would call the other guy regardless. It worked well and was pretty fun!
5) Have to set 2 alarms (yes, 2 alarms that’s how hard I am on myself). But here’s the kicker: Put it on snooze and put each alarm at least 2 body lengths away from you. That way you force yourself up and just like that: your butt’s out of bed and just head out the door.
6) Want to wake up early and practice it. Doing so it will become 2nd nature.


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