Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bodyweight Exercise!

Awww man. Talking about making use of time and a no excuse attitude. Took up a personal challenge from a good friend and coworker on 2 Classic BW exercises: the push up and bw squats. We challenged each other to do a set of push ups and squats alternating each every 30 minutes for a full 8 sets of each and not going lower than 20 reps and going even as high as 30 reps each time we did them. Pretty fun and kept our day going.

Has anyone done pull ups on an actual door? I was doing full pull ups on a door for fun. Yep, a freaking door..well a sturdy enough one to handle my weight. I came to realize that doing pull ups at a door really doesn't allow you to sway your body as there is very limited movement allowed (and grip as well).

You really can't find excuses to not keep it active even if you have a desk job for 8hours. You can practically take your workout - anywhere.

Bodyweight routines - gym rat people may start laughing but it's the truth: you don't need to be in a gym constantly pumping iron. You have have all that on your own body to use to your advantage.

Go gymless's a good thing!


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Anonymous said...

That sounds rough, Andy...

Check out this video on the CrossFit site:'s under the heading of "misc. demos and videos" in their Exercise section,look for Tabata Push-ups...sounds a lot like what you were doing...(The guy, Greg, in the video is a beast.)