Monday, March 2, 2009

A Nutritional Slip...

Wow...can't imagine how screwed up my nutrition was all day. I normally don't post my nutrition in here as it's been pretty good for the most part.

But today: I slipped...badly.

First day from work after a great 2 days off over the weekend. Had a great TT workout this morning but walked into a time bomb at the workplace this morning. I forgot we had planned a go away lunch party for a colleague that was leaving and we all pitched in $10 for food last week - and we had lots of it. And for some reason I've been hungry too boot all day so that didn't bode well either. It wasn't the food, but the food choices and how much I had. Not buffet type eating here, but I normally wouldnt eat that much bad carbs and bad fats for a Monday at the start of the week where I just had a reward meal yesterday. What's surprising (and expected) was how tired I was feeling all day. I feel sluggish after all that eating and I just know this isn't how I want to feel right now.

Today was just one of those unusual days where everything just got thrown out the door on a nutritional standpoint and I take full accountability for it. Full accountability.

Not good. Just goes to show we can all slip and slide here and there. Hope to right this ship right NOW. Tonight is volleyball night so maybe that can help me some with burning some of that unwanted calories today and still have some fun doing it, or may just take a break and reset myself for tomorrow.

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