Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Power of a Power Nap...and it felt damn goooood!

So I get home from work this afternoon and the first thing I do is drop my work bag and no - not pick up a Kettlebell and start swinging in the garage - I took an hour long nap in the comforts of our cozy living room. Seriously, it just felt so good just getting a little shut eye this afternoon - the workout this morning was BRUTAL(fortunately the young one was sleeping in his crib when I got home and the twins found some writing material to get themselves busy practicing their their writing skills) - I feel a little more re-charged.

The power of a power nap! Take one when you feel you definitely need one. I've been working my tail off and this was one of those few opportunities for me to just chill and relax some.

Anyway, did my weekly stats and progress pics and am pleased at where I'm at right now. One more week of a very challenging Turbulence Training routine I've been doing (click here for more information on my workouts and nutritional strategies) and then it's a week off and back to hitting it hard again.


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Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother Andy!
There's nothing like a mid-day weekend nap...