Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Special Thanks To Chris Lopez of

Would just like to give my thanks and blog shout outs to Chris Lopez, he's the program creator of the "FitandBusyDad" Programs. He's a Toronto based Fitness Trainer, Coach and Fitness Enterpreneur. He is a really cool down to earth guy and very knowledgable in the fitness world and has a new superb program which I think you will enjoy. If you've been following my blog, you will know that I did win an essay contest not too long ago about how would we would best describe ourselves as to how we are and can become better dad's to our kids. Anyway, I actually won the essay contest and with that, just received a brand spanking new Flip Camera the other day for getting my essay entry picked out of 20 plus essay entries that were submitted.

We almost share something in common other than being busy Dads - our birthday's are in January and just a day off from one another...

He really outdid his self with this program that's out right now. And the contest he's currently running looks pretty awesome.

Continue the great work you do, Chris. Being busy and on the go as a full time working dad and husband really isn't easy for any of us. You are the perfect role model to follow for alot of us!

To all you busy dad's out there: NEWS BULLETIN!!! He has a contest running and if you want more details on it please check out his recent youtube video on the details of this great contest he has going on:

Here's his website:
His Blog site:
His Transformation contest information:

Thanks again Chris! Looking forward to doing your program soon!

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