Thursday, March 19, 2009

Take Ownership of Your Body

This may sound philosphical but if there's one thing in life we all can control - it has got to be our own bodies. Think about it. Since birth...we all have the ability to control how our body reacts to certain things, what we want to eat and what we don't want to eat, clothes we want to wear, or the car we want to drive... etc, etc.

Ownership of's just like a house. You love your house - you do your best to keep your job so that you can make those silly mortgage payments every month right? And just like our bodies, we need to have that pride of ownership to really get some positive benefit of all the hard work we do in the gym and at the dinner table.

Nobody knows ourselves more than ourselves. Even Mom's don't know every little thing about us either.

I really believe that in fitness - you really want to make it a journey more than anything else: have that common sense of ownership of your body first and foremost. You can control what goes in your control what you do to your body. Nobody can tell you what to eat and what not to eat. You control that. Nobody else has that power to do that but you. Pitfalls are common...I've done it many times...but you always try to aim for the goal as best as you can. Don't ever lose sight of it. Things may get hectic..but try and remain consistent with it.

In due will see a transformation right before you realize it.

We owe our bodies soooooooooo much. It allows us to work, raise a family, earn a living...and enjoy even the smallest things in life we might take for granted. So treasure it, nurture it as best we can and the results will come. It may take time (fat loss) but don't rush it - it will come if we stay consistent with our goals in sight. We should never find excuses because there's always ways around them.

But you have to start somewhere and it always starts with that person you see in the mirror every morning you get up...and if you have doubts about yourself that you can't do it...then that's when you really have to dig in deep inside and find that motivation and believe in yourself that you can. Shoot for the mindset of "I want to lose weight", instead of "Im exercising and dieting, but Im not getting results so screw it." It's not easy...but who said fat loss was easy anyway.

Through my own personal experiences with it, only we can control what we do or what we don't do to our bodies. But it ultimately becomes a personal choice of how much "ownership" do you want have of your body to begin with.

Ultimately, it is our body here. Now it's all up to us to do something about it.

Take ownership!


SmoketheBlowfish said...

Sometimes we have to have some sort of catharsis just to get to the point of realizing how much we messed up what we should be taking care of. I guess that could be said with just about anything. But you nailed it on the head again Andy.

Excellent post


Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother Andy! What you're talking about is what I've been struggling with for a gazillon years now. It's taken me forever to finally get to the place where I know I can do something about it and really make some significant changes (regardless of age!)both physically and mentally.

When I look at the 'before' and 'after' pics on your blog, as well as others, it makes me want to push harder and 'up the ante' whether I'm lifting or throwing a punch at a bag.

Great post, Andy. Thanks.


Andy said...

Thanks Mike...that's so true, man.

Fred...thanks for checking those before and afters on here. All it takes is for me to look at my way before pics again to really get me going honestly - which is why I've never taken them off my blog and I've had this blog for almost a year now...I'm in the TT contest and you'll be seeing another before and after pic soon as look out for that one! I think this is the definitely healthiest I've been in years...will save everything else in 2 weeks to share with you all..

Mike and Fred - thanks guys. You guys are really awesome. Sorry for not being able to get to you guys blogs lately and a regularly as I want to. But I'll get around to them, trust me!