Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A 1pm Workout!? OMG!

1 pm Workout
Commercial Gym

Warm Up ciruits x2
Jumping Jacks
Push Ups
Standing Torso twists with med ball
Squat Press with med ball

Workout (Dos Remedios)

1a) Muscle Snatches (warm up sets 45x2x5) 65x4x5
1b) One leg RDL's with 25 lb DB 4x10

2a) Standing Cable Face Pulls 40x4x10
2b) One arm Seated Lat Pulldowns 40x1x10/arm, 50x3x10/arm

3) Neutral Grip Pull Ups BWx4x10/6/5/5 (added exercise)

II. HIIT (BB Complex/Combo Lifts) (Cosgrove)
- 60 lb prewt'ed BB
- 5 reps/exercise
- 90 sec rest
- 4 cycles (almost felt like puking throughout)

- RDL's
- Hang Clean to Front Squat to Push Press
- Reverse Lunges

III. Cooldown, stretch and steam (Andy's... :p )
- 5 minute walk on treadmill
- Static stretching
- 10 minutes steam

Whatdoyaknow...a mid day workout.Well again it's my "Whatever I can squeeze in Tuesdays"...hahaha!! Very focused throughout this workout nonetheless. Didn't get much sleep as our eldest twin son has been battling some flu like symptoms this entire week.

This complex by Cosgrove was killer. Nuff said on that note. Killer. Absolutely killer.

Focus. It's a good thing to have. Don't worry about Joe Schmoe pumping 60 lb DB's in front of the mirror....or Hot Suzy doing leg curls and turning heads left and right...take care of your business at your gym...and once you're done - get the hell out. No point in wasting time in there after a workout. I see people just lounging around with towels in their hands for the entire time I'm at my commercial gym and it's almost annoying.

Wish I had that much time on my hands!!! But again to each their own but you have to admire the fact that at least they are there physically (with probably their mind in the gutter for the most part...) which is better than not being there at all I guess.

Overall a great change of scenery regardless. And I just love my gyms steam room!

Core work tomorrow!


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