Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Pac Man!!!!

To Manny Pacquiao...what a fight. What a fight! By far the best POUND FOR POUND FIGHTER in the boxing world today. Filipinos were truly represented last night. Great fight.

Cmon Floyd Merriweather...bring it on man. Phew!

Garage workout
Time: 5:30

Hurricane Workout Off Day Routine
- 60 sec per exercise
- circuit style
- 2 minute rest periods

Heavy Bag Punching
Running High Knees
Jump with arm swing and landing on balls of feet
Inverted Rows
2 handed DB Swings
Treadmill Run

Ab circuit x2
Leg raises
Standing Oblique Side crunches
Plank on Stab Ball
Side Planks


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice looking circuit, Andy...I like the heavy bag round...(crush it!)

Yeah...I think Ricky H. thought he was going to be fighting Kosta Tszyu again...not quite! (lol)
Pacquiaao has a secret weapon in his corner...Freddie Roach!

Keep it rockin', Andy!