Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5 days Off...time to get busy!

Ok...5 days off - I think that's enough time to recover and recuperate. I think that's more than enough time. One thing I've noticed when you do take time off is how sluggish you can get. I definitely felt that these past few days. Feels good. Didn't do what I planned on doing - but just taking some time off of weights and not being to strict on my intakes has really helped some.

But I miss weight training.

Time: 10 am
Garage workout
Push Routine
I. Workout
a) Hang Muscle Snatches
- Warm Up - 65x3x6
- Actual Sets: 100x4x5

b) Parallel Squats
- Warm up - 100x2x4
- Actual Sets: 190x2x10, 255x1x6, 255x1x3

c1) BB incline Press 100x4x8
c2) Blast strap push ups (handles at about 3 feet above floor) BWx4x8

d) DB split Jerks 35x4x6/leg

II. - Core -
a1) Kneeling ab rollouts (4x45 secs - not for reps, for time)
a2) Plank with Elbow to Knee touch (4x45 secs)
- rest 30 sec between each superset

b1) Scissor Kicks (3x8 per under over)
b1) Hanging Knee Raises 3x10

III. HIIT (treadmill sprints)
45 sec sprint 9/10
30 sec active rest 3/10
- 10 cycles
- 5 minute coold down

IV. Static Stretching

Notes: Feel really strong. Definitely the rest was of benefit these past few days. 255 on the squats. Haven't done that in some time. Core work and intervals in the end was a doozy.

Time to pick up my boys from school...


Train Safe...

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