Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling Great

These past week's workouts have been a revelation. A nice change of pace for me and keeps things fresh. Change is already good.

Got my home gym done and hope to take some pics of it here soon and share on my blog.

Managed to get up early and do my workout at our work gym this morning. Another good one here...

By the way, there is another great Transformation Contest going on at Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training Website. You can get more information on rules and all that at his awesome forum HERE. I joined his 4th Contest and recently won 2nd Place in the male category...Hey, if I can do it - you can too. And if you do join - tell Craig I sent you!!!!

Today's workout
6 am

Shoulder swings, rotations.

BW circuit Warm up x 2
- Jumping jacks
- Push Ups
- Fwd Lunges

1) Power Hang Cleans 135x1x5; 145x1x5; 155x1x5; 165x1x5

2) DB step ups 30x2x10 (I can still feel a little soreness around my butt today so I cutback on the sets. 30 lb DB's on both hands isn't light at all I'm realizing!)

3) Seated Goodmorning 95x2x10; 105x2x10

4a) Decline Side to Side Push Ups BWx4x10
4b) Mixed Grip Pull Ups BWx4x10/8/6/6

5) Standing Cable Rows 30x4x10 (nothing too heavy)


Notes: Very good workout. Power cleans were awesome. All done in less than 35 minutes.

Train Safe!


Anonymous said...

Hey Andy!
Nice looking session!
Can't wait to see pics of your new home gym! I'm jealous...

Thanks for the post!

Rock on,

Anna said...

Hey Andy, nice workout! Is that a TT program? I saw that you did some shoulder work. I'm training for the RKC right now and the Turkish Get Ups are supposed to be really good for your shoulders. I just thougth I'd share that with you because I know that you like variety in your routines.

I'm with Fred. I'm jealous of the home gym :) Can't wait for the pics!

Andy said...

Fred and Anna...

Thanks guys...yep, pretty happy with some of the new toys I got recently.

Anna...I read that you were getting into some KB certification. That's great! Now that you mentioned Turkish Get ups...I just did that in my ab workout this morning - with a 10 lb KB. It's a great move....

Best of luck with your RKC training...maybe you can share some of your own program creations here soon...looking forward to it!