Thursday, May 28, 2009

My THURSDAY NutBag Routine

Off day routine and in the spirit of nutbagging and metabolic resistance training...had a great walk to work and did a great circuit routine. But I would like to make mention of a great multi movement move I added in this circuit which I got from youtube many weeks ago I wanted to give a try this morning.

Basically it starts off with a incline db press. After that move, with DB's at shoulder length - you go straight into a standing position (you're almost doing a crunch from a seated to standing position at that point! You can feel the abs working) and do a overhead DB press. that's one rep. TOUGH!!! Now do that over a minute. Killer.

Time: 6 am
Work Gym
Modified Hurricane Circuit/Max Squats and Arms routine

I. Circuit
3 rounds
60 sec per exercise in each circuit (rest when needed within the circuit)
90 sec rest between each round

Jump Ropes
Reverse Lunges
Stab Ball Jack Knifes (arms on bench. Rest here was a static plank on ball...and then continued with the reps within that 60 sec time frame)
Neutral Grip Pull Ups
Incline DB Chest Press to Standing overhead press (phew!)

II. Max Rep Squats
Alternated between 45 lb Bar and Prisoner Squats over 5 minutes
- 80 total reps completed. Tough.

III. Arm Work Circuit
a1) Standing DB Curls
a2) Tricep Pressdowns
a3) Scaption Raises

That was it!


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