Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hugh Hackman Is Fit

These workouts are pretty darn cool. One it's total fitness based, it trains alot of multi-movements on different planes per exercise. High volume in nature but definitely feel the effects of these workouts 2 weeks in. One thing I've been noticing is some of my weight preferences have been more on the moderate side than trying to go for world records in a routine. I think this is a great change up where I would always want to go heavy. So I think changing up weight loads is very important especially when trying to complete 10 reps of a set for 4 sets. Not easy....

Today's workout....

Time: 5:45
Garage workout
a) KB Cleans 4x5

b) RDL's 4x10

c1)Incline BB Press 4x10
c2)DB Bulgarian Split Squats

d1)KB High Pulls 4x10 (loved this one)
d2)Standing plate torso twists 4x10

e1)KB Jerks
e2)Chin Ups to failure 9/6/6

NO intervals.

Notes: Watched Wolverine last night with the family and it was a very good movie. Being a comic buff myself - I was really able to appreciate the movie even more. Great movie and if you get a chance to see the movie you just have to appreciate some of the physiques on these guys - damn! Hugh Hackman is fit! There was another guy who was playing Deadpool who was pretty damn fit too. Awesome movie...

Read up on Hugh Hackman's guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show here:

Oh and Oprah and Hugh Twitter, too!!!

Great stuff.

Train safe!



Roundballnz said...

Yeah Hugh Jackman has buffed up for the role ...

am guessing Hackman comment is some comic geek thing ... ???

looking good there - always need to push yourself though

Andy said...'s a comic geek comment, Alex...nothing else. hahaha!!!

btw...I hear you on the pushing yourself part, Alex...I'm getting back up's going to take some time. =)

thanks man...


Anonymous said...

The guy who played Deadpool was Ryan Reynolds. You should check out his workout routine. He was always one of those "skinny" guys that got bulked up.