Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feeling a Deloading Week next week

Going pretty strong these past 5 weeks. I feel a deload week next week. I've been pushing it all 5 weeks since my one week off after the 4th Turbulence Training Contest that just ended and that was for 12 weeks of straight workouts. Just like changing programs routinely, it's always advisable to take a week of light weights and exercise. So deloading it is for next week but with Cosgrove complexes 4x/week (this is a strong maybe - because this may not be a good idea either on a deload phase) with just the bar - basically training at a reduced intensity and volume. Still up in the air about it but I know the reps go up in week 3 - but I like the 5 rep range for next week here. Again..I may just skip it all together.

Any well-constructed fitness program should have easier days and then harder days. Dos Remedios encourages this too and I look up to similar guys like him for well designed programs.

Again, like I've mentioned in a previous post - I've just understood more on what periodization means and is one of the basic principles in weightlifting/training. I think this is definitely something that most people have come to learn throughout their years of weightlifting.

This will be 2 1/2 years strong for me so it's safe to say this is a lifestyle now.

Sooooo, I will definitely give the nervous system a break here and allow the body to re-adapt itself at the same time. And fortunately, I learned this over time as well as to how advantageous this is.

Looking back at my 5 weeks...these were some tough ass workouts. I mean really tough. And I'm feeling it right now...

Thursday Morning Workout
545 am
Work Gym

warm up consisted of leg/shoulder swings, push ups and jumping jacks

I. Workout (modified here)
a) BB OH Snatches 55/65/85/85x4x5

b1) BB split Squats 85x4x10
b2) Chin ups 7/7/7 (only three sets of 7) - added this here. I know it's a pull but that's ok. I could use a good stretch here.

c) DB Flat press 55x4x10

d) Complex B (Edit. Forgot to put this in here. Did Cosgrove workout as well. ~ Andy
5 cycles
45 lb bar
75 sec rest
- RDL's
- Squat to Press
- Reverse Lunges

extra stuff....

e) DB external rotations.

f) Hanging Leg Raises 4x10

II. Stretching

That was it...


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