Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DB Snatches!

A follow up to my other blogpost (below) just now... =)

Week 3 of Dos' Power Training book and did a great routine this morning after taking the kids to shcool. Man, there's just literally tons of power moves you can do in his routines (almost like rosstraining but more geared towards more conventional training methods. Both are great athletic based routines). Instead of supersetting with this routine (I did however, superset blast strap semi-inverted rows with blast strap rear delt flies)..I went straight sets throughout with some interval training in the end. It went like this (with a good warm up of course).

Time: 9:30 am
Garage workout

a) DB snatches from floor
- warm up sets - 45x2x5/arm
- 60x5x5/arm (added one more set)

b) Barbell Front squat to Press (95x1x10, 115x2x10, 135x1x10) (modified to do 2 moves in one)

c) RDL's 135x2x10, 185x2x6

d) Incline BB Press 135x2x10, 135x1x6, 135x1x3 (right shoulder soreness from yesterday's volleyball. It always happens.)

--- modified superet ----

e1) Blast strap semi inverted rows 4x10
e2) Blast Strap rear delt flies 4x10

Jump rope intervals 45 sec work/heavy bag 30 secs active rest

Max Push ups - 52 reps (phew!)


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