Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Morning Workout

Time: 5am
Garage Workout

Warm Up: Jumping jacks, shoulder rotations, neck rotations, mountain climbers, running high knees

I. Strength Training (Dos Remedios)
1) Power Clean 135x4x5

2) Front Squats 155x4x10

3) DB chest press 70x4x10

4) Push Press 135x2x10, 95x2x10

5a) Plank Hold x 30 secs
5b) Med Ball Woodchoppers x 10/side

II. Complex (Cosgrove)
- 45 lb Bar
- 4 sets of 5 reps
- 90 sec rest between circuits

Bent over BB rows
Hang Cleans
Front Squat to Push press (combination lift)
Jump Squats
Good Mornings

III. Stretching

Note: Decided to continue with Remedios' routine with a 4 day Push/Pull routine and finishing off with Cosgroves Complex for HIIT. A combination of strength work with metabolic work. Felt great. Spent. Wasted. Felt good.


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