Friday, May 15, 2009

Metabolic Baby...

So I wake up this morning - sore all over. My hips, thighs, my shoulders...even my lower back. Just really stiff. Don't know if this was from volleyball the other day or from sitting on my butt on uncomfortable seats during jury duty. Didn't do much stretching at jury duty...just sitting on my butt reading all day twiddling my thumbs and sipping on some coffee.

Anyway, so I was sore as hell getting up so I did some yoga this morning for a good 15 minutes and really felt alot better afterwards.

This afternoon, didn't feel strong enough to get a good quality strength workout in so I went metabolic today. Still did Cosgrove's Workout C of the Barbell complex routine, the 200 rep Tarheel Med ball workout and some Heavy Bag/BW squat Tabatas. Topped it off with more stretching afterwards.

Nothing heavy...but not easy either.

Here's the workout:
Time: 3 pm
Garage Workout

I. Complex C
- 75 lb BB
- 4 rounds
- 5 exercises
- 5 reps/exercise
- 90 sec rest between each complex

High Pull
Squat Clean
Military Press
Jump Lunges (no barbell used here)

II. Med Ball 200 rep Tarheel Workout
Big Circles
Standing Russian Torso Twists
Med Ball Wood Chops
Squat and Press
Med Ball Crunches
45 degree torso twists (legs up)
Suitcase Crunches
Rocky solos
Toe Touches
Diagonal crunches

III. Tabatas
20/10 - 8 cycles

20 sec prisoner squats
10 sec heavy bag punches

IV. More stretching

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