Monday, November 17, 2008

1....2....3.....and Streeeeeeeetch!!

Aw man...had a great night's sleep last night. One that I haven't had in sometime with so many other things going on with our recent move, kids going to toddler school, little one learning new things everyday...babysitting. There's just so many things going on that it is so hard to get a good night's sleep.

Best part of it all...still rocking the workouts as usual. It's just that much a part of me and a lifestyle now that I really can't look back anymore and stop. It's almost given me this sense of balance in life that truly keeps everyting else in check. It's great.

One thing that might have helped last night was a good foam roll session. I kept rolling on that thing like crazy in our living room, my kids wanted to hop in and join me - they thought I was having fun and I was!! Hahaha!

Anyway, onto other things....the workout today was unbelievable. Really pooped me out. I did some big time stretching post workout and again - the benefits of a good post workout stretch is very crucial to recovery. Did some swimming with the kids that afternoon and took another hour of a good power nap at 3pm.

Was planning to play some volleyball tonight..but that's still up in the air at this point. I can feel my legs almost like in quick sand right now...either way, Im almost certain I'm going to be feeling this tomorrow morning. Ouch!

Incorporate stretching! It will do you heaps of good!


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