Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2nd attempt at the MensHealth 200 Rep Med Ball Challenge

During today's late morning TT workout, I added the 200 med ball challenge which Craig Ballanyne made a youtube video of (he's got abs of steel) again in this routine. I felt pretty bad with my times on the first try as I was fiddling with my laptop during the entire time (that's how hard I am on myself sometimes). Again, no excuses on the 1st 1st attempt was just under 14 minutes. Again: BAD.

After seeing other TT members doing phenomenal with their times...I wanted to see for myself how I'd do the 2nd time around. Again, this was only one circuit with an 8lb med ball.

Here's Craig's Video of the routine:

Here's my routine as it was video'd by Craig (2nd attempt) with an 8 lb med ball:

Big Circles = 10/10 (20 reps)
Woodchoppers = 20 reps
Standing Russian torso Twist = 10/10 (20 reps)
Squat to Press = 20 reps
Med Ball sit ups = 20 reps
Rocky Solos (Adrrrriiiiiiaaaan!!!!) = 10/10 (20 reps)
Toe touches = 20 reps
45 degree Twists (Legs up, Knees Up) = 20 reps
Suitcase (alternating legs this time; 10/side) = 20 reps
Diagonal Crunch = 20 reps

Time to complete: 6'45"

Totally crushed my 1st time....


matrix2pyro said...

Great work Andy. I thought I was the only one that did that when I am unhappy with my time. I'm going to have to give this challenge a try.

Andy said...

It's the the competitive juices in us I guess, M2P! I was really hard on myself on the 1st attempt at it. Skipped a few ab sessions just to see with my own "abs"..I mean "eyes" - if it can be done in less than 10. And for the record: yes it can.

Keep it going, M2P. I am so rooting for you man. Keep it up!!!!


STBF said...

I really like the Medicine Ball Workout. The other day I ran through 3 sets (off day), then did one set after my 2k4 session. Really felt it more on the second day (especially the last 4 exercises).

I'm really curious to see the results of Jujuyes' Challenge.

Jen's Journey said...

This is an amazing workout! Great time!!

I came across your page via Craig's blog and I find your progress highly motivating! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

I am going to have to try this! We live in Siberia and there are not medicine balls here but I could try it with a DB maybe.

Keep pressing on!

Andy said...

Hi Jen!!!! Hey, that's awesome to have you find me here through Craig's blog. A reader from Siberia!!! Oh my God!!! My blog has gone international! =)

Thanks for the kind words...yes, the med ball workout was really fun and I did another crack at it yesterday with 12 lb med ball with a time of 7'45".

Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

It's always open so feel free to send your thoughts on things! Would love to hear them!!!!


Andy said...

Smoke!!! I replied in your blog re: the med ball challenge. Thanks again for dropping by!

Nutbags UNITE!


Jen's Journey said...

12 lb ball and a time of 7:45!! Amazing!!

I am originally from Texas but my husband and I have been living over here for 3 years, it has been an adventure for sure!!

You blog is VERY motivating! Keep going strong!!

Andy said...

Texas...Nice! Weather on your parts of the planet must be quite an adjustment for you and the hubby I'm sure! Perfect holiday weather for sure! =)

Thank you so much Jen...with awesome support from people like you from ALL OVER THE WORLD - I sure will!!! =)