Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bruce Lee: The Abs Man!

Looking back at the Man, the Myth...seen Bruce Lee's Abs? Man they're amazing!

Bruce Lee trained his abs daily, believing that if your stomach wasn't developed you had no business in the ring.

I see alot of boxers and mma fighters with abs of steel. They're conditioning workouts are amazing.

Lee was always doing situps, crunches, Roman chair movements, leg raises, and V-ups. Chuck Norris went on record saying he saw Bruce bouncing Brandon Lee on his abdomen while simultaneously performing dumbbell flyes, and leg raises while watching tv.

No wonder he has great abs!!!

Power is in the core...all workouts should be based around a strong core. Bruce definitely exemplifies it! Train the core!


JuJu said...

Oh, now I got it! That's why you were so into this week's challenge huh? It's a great inspiration indeed, Andy-Lee!

Andy said...

He's the man, Juju! "The Man!"

Rambo said...

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