Friday, November 21, 2008

My Work Gym

Other than my home gym and my commercial gym at 24 hour Fitness - I have a pretty great benefit at work with a work gym. Here's a few pictures taken just yesterday morning before coming in. For those who have no idea what I mean when I say "Work Gym" in my workout journal at, well, here it is: my work gym in its full array (just kidding). Yep, my personal solace when putting a bonafide training program into good work, like Turbulence Training, Rosstraining, FitandBusyDads...or even a little bit of my own stuff too when trips to the Meatmarket Commercial Gym gets the best of me and the monotony of a home gym just isn't there on workdays.

Don't worry...I don't go to work in sweaty clothes. We have a locker and shower room adjacent to the gym which is convenient. So it's in and out...then it's off to take that "Hollywood" shower and I'm set for work to continue the day's activities. =)

This is the place, my little, little island on those early mornings. Again, when getting to a commercial gym during work days just doesn't work with my schedule - or a home workout just wouldn't make any sense either - this is where it's at for me hands down. It has everything I can ask for in DB's (up to 100lbs), tons of benches from inclines, declines, adjustable benchess, Barbell weights (Olympic Style...yes!), Squat racks (and a Smith Machine for Inverted Rows! yahhooo!), a punching bag, some stab balls, jump rope and some cardio equipment. It also has different hanging bar types for chin ups and pull ups, too. When I get in there that early...I feel like Celine Dion doing a rendition of "All By Myself" so it does get a little lonely so I have my ipod with me every time and it's just me and the iron now...and of course good playlist of songs or a "SONG" to get you going. =)


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