Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Thanksgiving Day "No Excuse" Workout

4:15 pm
Home workout

It’s going to be a night of indulgences...verrrrry challenging not to say no. Although Juju sure did a great challenge for the week, I don't think I'll be doing this week's challenge unfortunately. However, got home from work in about 56 degree weather this afternoon. Rather chilly and cold (it was raining. UNUSUAL IN THESE PARTS! Haha!)...did not get enough sleep at all last night and feel a little tired....

....Opened the door and all I can smell was some pretty good food around the house. The aroma got me going and was unbearable. I had to do something about it!!!!! :)

4:15 pm
Home workout

BB Complexes (50 lbs) 5x5 with 45 sec rest between each circuit (fast, fast, fast!! Not easy. You’ll be breathing hard by the end of the 3rd round. Believe me).
a1) Power Cleans
a2) Overhead press
a3) Goodmornings
a4) Overhead Squats
a5) BB rows

...after 2 minute rest:

KB/BW circuit with 35 lb KB (3 circuits) 60 sec rest between each circuit
b1) 1 arm db swings 3x10
b2) Kb Clean and Press 3x8
b3) Front Load Split Squat 3x6
b4) Neutral Grip Pull ups 3x3
b5) Cross body mountain climbers on stability ball 3x10
b7) 2 hand KB high pulls 3x6
b8) Single leg lift while on Stability Ball 3x15

...and for the winner and for that food that layeth ahead:

Pike Press with feet on stability ball 12 reps
8 lb Med Ball x 25 reps.


Soaked!! Sweated like a pig. Absolutely loved this workout today. No excuses...

Now I'm so damn hungry.... again, this does not justify us to eat like this everyday. These are moments that are enjoyed with the it's ok to let it slide a little for today...otherwise on regular days - as a good friend would always say "Stay Strong, Eat Clean."

Again, Happy Turkey Day to all!


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