Monday, November 10, 2008

An Awesome Motivating Quote

"I do it because I can...I can because I want to...I want to because people said I couldn't."

Inspired by a friend, I learned something again: never say never or you can't do it...ever. In alot of ways, it might bite you in the butt one day. Did a workout this evening. 1st ever in sometime. I would never have thought I'd be doing an evening workout again.. It's alot different than getting it done in the morning.

Thankfully the TT workouts I'm doing right now (with a little stuff of my own) allows me to do them at home and truly are made for the busy dad for sure!


JuJu said...

Hey Andy, I have a quote that I take with me whenever, wherever, whatever I'm doing, and I think it fits here too:
"A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits." Nixon
Cheers, JuJu

Andy said...

Never quit, Ju! You're right!