Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finding Motivation....

Long day last night...even harder to get any type of sleep either. Got in a good 7 hours of sleep eventually and with nothing on the plate for Sunday: it's pretty much house chore duties and some football.

Anyway, here's a video that's really cool...looked it up this morning on youtube - trying to find something to get me going for the next few weeks that lie ahead. Thinking of reason's to carry on a journey isn't easy. Short term motivation is easy...long term motivation not as easy. Finding motivation is even tougher than anything. The guys and gals in this video have "it". I want "it" everyday too but also be able to face life's challenges that come with it. Here's a great 30 sec Nike Commercial that says it all for me, JUST DO IT:

The benefits of early morning workouts...there isn't anything like it. You practically have the gym to your own which is the best part!

On other fronts...reading up on a recent blog of another good virtual fitness friend of mine name Kali...she's got a great blog and some interesting articles and interviews..she's doing extremely well and has a great attitude about everything fitness and's an excerpt from her blog site about motivation: CLICK HERE and watch the video! That's actually her sweet voice in the background doing the interview...

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