Tuesday, January 19, 2010

185 lbs and Brown Rice

Up to 185 lbs on the squats and deadlifts. Didn't feel confident with the Overhead Presses so I scaled back to 95 lbs on that exercise. Do not necessarily want to get strong on the overhead press. It sure would be nice though but I think going up to 135-155 lb range on this exercise is a-okay for me. But everything else: I hope to improve on those numbers.

If the loads get way too heavier for me and if and when I do hit 1.2x my BW - it's off to the Texas Method of Strength Training which is a hybrid approach to the stronglift philosophy, it's just sticking to the same weight for the whole week and then adding weight every week on out.

After that it was some extra stuff with some glute ham raises, shoulder rotations, and more chins for extra work.

Was at the commercial gym this morning. Rainy day here in San Diego and working out in my garage just wasn't something I intended on doing this morning. So I took it to the gym and enjoyed a little sauna at the end before picking up the kids from school.

Brown rice...I think I have finally acquired the taste for it. I don't know why but I always hated brown rice. Back in the day I would never take brown rice over white rice...but damn, it is really good!!

Intervals tomorrow...

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