Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week 2 Round Up

Off day conditioning routine yesterday…full body strength work this morning Week 3 (new week starts every Saturday as this works around my schedule to get a good workout in. One of my goals which I’m definitely adhering to): Workout A – in the wraps. Up to 125 lbs on the squats and bench presses. Inverted rows and push ups are to failure and I’m currently ranging around the 15-20 rep ranges each time. Linear progression I guess (although I wouldn't call it such right now as I'm doing some conditioning routines as well). Doing really good and really am learning a lot as I go along with this program. My goal is to get somewhere around 1.2 x my BW by the end of this program. That would be 5x5 lifting about 215 lbs on the bench, squats and oh presses. Very, very doable maybe can do better than that but will have to make some adjustments. Somewhere along these lines soon I’m going to have to drop conditioning work to maybe once a week now and focus strictly on strength training.

One thing I noticed after doing deadlifts at 135 lbs followed up with pull ups to failure – my lats, rear delts and traps again had that nice type of soreness. Plus my sleep is very much improved to months past which has been a plus for me. Not konking out mid day, not overtraining at all and the body is responding rather well.

Slow steady progression for the first 2 weeks so far. Weights are definitely going up each time. Definitely enjoyingthe “process” of this fairly new approach to training. BF now at 16.5% could be skewy but I did this 3x yesterday and I’ll take it. Not worried about weight scale numbers right now. If there’s any type of weight I want to gain is the load on the barbell and some muscle if anything that might come with this type of strength training program. Weight I want to lose: B O D Y F A T! Surpisingly my diet is at a cal surplus as I need it to sustain this program (approximately 2500 – 2700 cals/day) and I’m not gaining any inches around the waist at all. This is amazing.

Haven’t taken a 2 week progress pic yet. Should hopefully do that tomorrow. What I’m really impressed with is my form. All movements are done with good form – absolutely no cheating even on the bodyweight routines (something I’ve been able to do from time to time which isn’t good).

And best of all – my knees are healthy. Yup. I'll take that. And I'm not going to anything stupid to ^&*$ it up even more - anymore (well hopefully!). Smarter training is going to be the mindset!

Tomorrow is a complete day off. Nothing on schedule.

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