Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My First Trip Back to the Commercial Gym for 2010

First time to take a trip to the commercial gym. Was expecting a huge crowd at exactly 9am...but that wasn't the case this am. Parking wasn't a hassle either...

So I walk in and I see guys doing one arm dumbell cleans, guys doing pull ups, some doing supersetting routines, some fit girls doing stab ball rotational exercises and a few doing planks. I mean the stab balls were all taken in the gym this morning. Not that I was planning on using any of them today - but the fact that I see more and more people resorting to free weight exercises versus machines I guess is a good thing.

One thing I saw was the ego lifters going half way down on a leg press machine with a good amount of weight on it. None of my business but I couldn't help watch their form. Was it right or wrong? I don't know, haven't done them in a while, but it sure didn't look right to me. It's those things that make you wonder I guess. Oh well.

And then you see the guys and the girls hanging out leisurely...guy A who appears to sweat coming down his forehead and the girl A with her little sippy cup of water chit chatting for minutes on end. Then you have guy b with girl b - helping out girl b with an exercise and a few giggles in there as well. Yep the meathouse mentality set in again for me once again.

It doesn't bother me - but geez man - take it Starbucks if all you want to do is mess around in a gym.

Anyway, here I am - in my gym observation mode this morning entering in...observing, watching as I start my own routine. I'm not one to train much at my commercial gym anymore unless I need a change of scenery...and I'm glad I did this morning. But I slowly realized the why's as to why I like to workout at home or at work vs commercial gyms.

Less drama.

Anyway, here's how my workout went this morning, loads getting up there ~

a) Strength
Squats 95x5x5
Bench Press 95x5x5
Inverted rows 15, 13, 12
Push ups 12, 12, 8
* skipped the core for later

b) Intervals

Treadmill Sprints for intervals for 8 cycles 45 s work/60 s recovery

c) Core Training (2 circuits)

Planks (yep, more planks)
ab wheel roll outs (using olympic bar and some plates)
side Planks
Reverse ab crunches

Less than 45 minutes was all it took for this routine. After that it was steam and a nice trip back home. Took a nice little power nap after 2 pm which helped. But my nutrition has been getting much better. I know so because the body just feels like it's in "cleansing" mode right now. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy!
Hey, that sounds a lot like the gym I go to after work...except parking is always a drag!

Love "take it to Starbucks" line...classic!

I'm liking the gym less and less for the same reasons, but when it's 24 degrees outside you can bet I'll be training inside. Once the weather warms up it'll be back outside for most of the week...(Not a big issue in San Diego, huh? I'm jealous...

Stay strong, Andy!


Andy said...

Thanks Fred...its amazing how people go to a gym to socialize and hang out. I so wish I had the time to even do that anymore!

I bet it's freezing like crazy in your neck of the woods. In San Diego, it gets pretty cold down here too but not as bad I'm sure.

Thanks for the support Fred!