Monday, January 4, 2010

Psychological Benefits of load progression

So my workouts have been going good. Slow steady progress. Nutrition is getting better but not where I want it to be just yet. 2 days of cleaner eating, you'll be surprised how much water weight you can drop in just a few days. It's quite interesting but the fact is - BF doesn't lie to you!

Tomorrow it's workout A of the program with an 85 lb load on the squats as well as the bench. Starting lighter than normal was a change up, but I like this approach especially haven't done a pure strength program ever. Can't wait til I get up to the 100's - but I'm taking my time. The psychological benefits of starting with the bar truly helps. Mentally, it's like you're breaking records every single time...the weights are light but really develops mental fortitude as you get better. The mental development aspect of this program is really eye poppening.

I'll get there...

Loads have progressively gone up obviously. Not heavy enough for those hardcorers out there but just enough for me to get down proper form. You can really work it with these strong lifts. Everything from handling the bar, proper technique on the lift - really being aware of form here. I just know that once I reach 25 lbs plates on each side of the bar - the challenge gets even more challenging with the 5x5. For off days...I've been doing cardio circuits that are more metabolic demanding but don't want to let this interfere with my strength program. They really do compliment the 5x5 routine!

Anyway, I've split it to be a 6 day workout week for me. It will be strength training 3x/week. Everything else is supplementary to that - be it cardio circuits, power circuits, complexes, intervals for off days as well as stretching and foam rolling.

I just know in due time, intervals and circuits may need to be limited. Don't want to overdo things here. Right now - I definitely can benefit with added conditioning these next few weeks. By the end of week 4, I hope to have at least shed some fat here.

Yesterday was an interesting circuit for me:

5 rounds, 30 secs each exercise, 1 minute rest between each round:
Speed rope (I'm getting really good at this!)
Running High Knees with 5 lb db's
KB swings

After that it was 3 rounds of a core circuit:
Turkish get ups with KB
Seated KB Torso twists
Side Planks
Mountain climbers

Today is an off day.



anne h said...

All this time I did not know you were a Nurse!
Good work-out, Andy!

Andy said...

Thank you Anne! Yep...I'm an RN. :)